One Hand Clapping brings ED WOOD to the digital age!

Hello science friends... And welcome to our latest funny little film!

Thanks to the great guys at TBWA London we were able to channel our inner Ed Wood and direct 3 marvelous gems in the style of 1950's B-Movies.

Shining a light on the science facts of Roche's generation sequencing systems (yeah, we know!) we also poked fun at the fantastic concepts of early science fiction.

This is the first film produced by Ben Campbell of Rampage Studios and directed by myself...

Hope you all enjoy watching it (and the two that shall follow shortly) as much as I had in making it...
And please leave a comment or a thumbs up if you do!


(just click on the title to open the YouTube page!)

best to you all


Dave Fontana said...

Well done!
Dig that 'Thiller' jacket... n' jet packs.

storyboardista said...

Those jet-packs weighed a ton!
The actor was such a sport for wearing that get-up under studio lights for the whole day.

Cheers Dave