WES ANDERSON H&M Christmas campaign-- Storyboards


And here is the work that goes behind developing a short directed by Wes Anderson.
Storyboards by myself
After Effects montage by Ray Lewis
We produced the whole thing in just over a week, myself working on a portable tablet using sketches made on paper and Photoshop artwork, divided into layers to create the environments separated from the characters. Each character separated into various poses, then smaller layers for arm & leg movement leg, different expressions.
The whole thing then was put together by the inexhaustible and talented Ray Lewis in After Effects by animating the layers, constructing 3Dimensional environments out of my separate layers, adding camera moves and VFX all made to order by the needs of director Wes Anderson.
As we had worked with Wes before on a number of projects, starting with Fantastic Mr Fox, we knew what the job demanded of us, and how to produce the work and how to manage it in the time given by the agency.
As Wes likes to plan each shot to the very detail at the storyboard stage we knew that this had to be a very accurate blueprint for the live action shoot to come. Each pose, expression, camera move and timing being precisely described by Wes down to the very fine detail.
The end product was the result of around 10 exhausting days working around 20 hours a day and around 3500 layers of artwork... Luckily we stuck to black and white and we would have still been here at Christmas.
Always a pleasure to work with a director with such clear vision as Wes, even though our experiences with the London agency turned out to be less than pleasant.
Slightly marred the whole experience and reminded me again why I disliked working with many ad agencies in the past... Little respect for the artists and people involved in producing the work they're getting paid the big bucks for.

Doesn't take away from the work we produced though...



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