Hurray for BLACK SWAN!

I found out just yesterday that Black Swan has been nominated for a handful of Oscars, one of which is for Best Editing by our bud from Fantastic Mr Fox, Andrew Weisblum. We spent many a nights in Paris working late on Fox and I took it upon myself to be mother and feed everyone some good wholesome Italian food.
I'm immensely happy for Andy and his achievement and wish he and Aronofsky all the best on the night as I saw Black Swan last week and thought it was just grand.
Good luck!

ps. This is something I clapped together in under an hour to go with this post. I purposely made the character more bird-like with her beak nose and kept the style quite rough. I added some other versions as well... Quite like the one bottom right where we can't see the character's face.

Watch the trailer here:

Or go watch the film at the cinema!


Florian Satzinger said...

Beak? That's just my cup of tea! Greta piece, love the hands...

storyboardista said...

Why thank you very much, sir.
Coming from such an aficionado and expert on beaks and bills I take that as high praise indeed!