Or is it reboot?!
Hard to know in these days of re-imaginings and new beginnings and sequels and prequels and interquals.
Anyway here it is... A fresh look to my blog!

I'm taking this moment to dedicate a thought to my grandfather Douglas Pearce who passed away in December.
I've been wanting to sketch something for a while but stuff simply got on top of me.
I drew these from memory rather than a photo as I wanted to keep the lines fast and have some raw energy running through to the finished piece.

I added some race-horsing imagery as a backdrop as the old man was an avid fan of the sport and often had a little flutter.
(flut·ter- n. British Slang: A small bet; a gamble).

Love to you all!

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Kelli Pearce - Cousin said...

Our Granpop was a good man! :-)