Christian gets PIXELATED!

Hello lovely people...

Hope all is well as another season of festivals and events is upon us.

This time I'm jetting off to Vienna for the Annual Austrian Conference on
Computer Graphics & Animation: PIXEL

Aside from being excited at the prospect of taking in so much from the the games industry and the talent behind it, it will be a great pleasure for me being at the same event as Andreas Deja.
This guy has animated some of the best Disney villainsof the past 20 years... Gaston, Jafar, Scar as well as designing and animating Lilo.

Really looking forward to catching his presentation!

If anyone is in town come by as I bore yet another audience with a talk on story and storyboards and then come enjoy one or three local beers!

All the best to you all



Florian Satzinger said...

Great, I'm really looking forward to meeting you in Vienna. We'll arrive sometime in the later morning, on Saturday...

storyboardista said...

England vs. France at the rugby World Cup on Saturday morning... I hope you're ready for a 'beers-n-bacon-sandwiches-watching-rugby' breakfast!

.mrt said...

Hello Christian,

Here the link to the Interview we made at pixel:

If I got something wrong please let me know so i can correct it!

lg martin.mrt

storyboardista said...

Thank you Martin... Will read it immediately and get back to you.

All the best