TEAMTO's first feature film announced!

Hi all,

and apologies for the long delay between posts, but it's been a rather busy start to the new year.

And as a way of breaking the silence I bring the happy news that TeamTo is announcing their first animated feature film.
The film sees a flock of birds heading into all sorts of adventures while on their annual migration and it is voiced by an incredible cast of super-talented actors: Danny Glover, Christine Baranski, Elliott Gould, Richard Kind, Jim Rush with Seth Green and Dakota Fanning in the lead roles.

TeamTo first venture into film will be animated in 3D and in Stereo 3D and is directed by myself and Dominique Monfery (director of Kerity, known in English as Eleonor's Secret).

The film is set for release end of 2014, beginning of 2015 yet look out for updates through the year.

Cheers all

ps. I've added the full list of production credits below.
Written by: Antoine Barraud
Additional Materials: Cory Edwards
Design by: Benjamin Renner
Directed by: Dominique Monféry & Christian De Vita
Production: TeamTO – Haut & Court – La Cie Cinématographique – Panache Productions – Rhône-Alpes Cinéma
Theatrical rights France: Haut & Court
Video rights France: Studio Canal
International distribution: SC Films
With the support of: CNC, PROCIREP / ANGOA, MEDIA Program
With the participation of: the Ile-de-France Region

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