SPACE JAM.... Revisited


 THIS makes me feel old...


It's been 18 years since "Space Jam" was released and Sports channel ESPN acclaimed documentary 30 for 30 has just been spoofed by Yahoo's weekly web series "SketchY" who produced a pretend "30 For 30" taking a look at Michael Jordan's final game.

It features a bunch of people talking about the legendary game played between the Tune Squad and the Monstars during the movie, Space Jam, and…wow. That's really all there is to stay. This is the best thing you'll watch all week.

If you've been living in a cave for the last 20 years the film features Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and the rag-tag bunch ofLooney Toons characters saving civilization in a basketball game against aliens who have stolen powers and skills from famous US basketball players.

 Yeah I know... Weird right?!

It's one of the greatest moments in the history of the world and now has rightfully been given the treatment it deserves.

I guess the events and time passed makes this it eligible to be remembered in a documentary. Or even better, in a fake documentary. A mockumentary, as the kids call it. 

As I said it makes me feel old... yet oddly proud as I worked on Space Jam as assistant animator all those years ago and working on all those great characters I knew from childhood.

You can watch the funny 30 for 30 Space Jam episode here

CBS Sports

and here

Complex Sports

amongts many other places!


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