WES ANDERSON animated ad now ONLINE!

As promised here is the link for Sony Xperia commercial, a charming and wondefully animated stop-motion short featuring some of the talents behind Fantastic Mr Fox, with Wes Anderson at the helm.

And here are some of the boards I did for the project.
This is about a third of the panels produced as the animatic needed several poses per character in order to time the actions and cuts accurately, as Wes usual attention to detail required.
I started the storyboards directly in ToonBooms' Storyboard Pro, as I received a couple of thumbnails from Wes (see image at the very bottom) and several notes on what was required.
I worked remotely from the rest of the team so there was a lot of back and forth by email, skype, phone conversations and texts.
The storyboards were mostly done at night, over a week, as I was working on the Cartoon Network series for TeamTo, with some tweaks and adjustments done over a weekend in order to get a cut of the animatic to the client for a Monday morning delivery.

Hope you enjoy the animation!


Vanderpoel said...

Very cool!

storyboardista said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

So you did that spot? I loved it since the first time I saw it!

storyboardista said...

well I did the storyboards for it.... A whole buch of other very talented artists worked on it to bring it too life.
Cheers man

Angy said...

Che bei disegni, quindi sei un storyboardista? Spegheresti a un giovanotto (me) che si affaccia al mondo del lavoro nel campo dei media e disegno, che tipo di lavoro รจ?? Dove si puo' fare? XDDD

storyboardista said...

Ciao Angy,

ci son diversi tipi di storyboard, dall' advertisment, pubblicita`, etc., ai film, animati e dal vivo.
Anche i video musicali a volte.
Dipende che tipo di campo ti interessa, saper disegnare non basta perche` ogni tipo di storyboard richiede esigenze diverse.
Io son piu` portato a fare storyboard per film e serie di animazione quindi essenziale e` conoscere il montaggio, linguaggio cinematografico, uso di lenti e camere, luce, e saper visuallizare una narrativa in modo chiaro ed divertente, che intrattiene il pubblico.
Io non ho studiato un corso da storyboardista, ho studiato animazione e cinematografia, ed ho lavorato molti anni come animatore prima di cambiare per voler avere piu` impatto sulle storie e non solo sull' animazione di alcune scene.

Se vuoi saper altro...