WES ANDERSON directs Sony Xperia ad

The 24th of March sees the launch of the new Sony Xperia campaign, and although I have little interest in this brand of mobile phones, I am quite excited by this commercial as it's a return of sorts of Wes to the beautifully handcrafted animation that made Fantastic Mr Fox so unique.

more info on the Xperia Blog

Along with myself (storyboards of course) Wes gathered around himself key members of the Fox team to produce what looks to be a wonderfully charming work.
In Portland, with animators from Laika, Mark Gustafson, animation director, and Nelson Lowry, art director, helped  bring Wes' vision to the small screen, the first from Sony of their new campaign 'Made For The Imagination'.

I'll post the ad once it is on general release along with the storyboards from concept to completion.

In the meantime enjoy this little teaser which has a wonderful track by Icelandic Jonsi from Sigur Ros.

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