'Moonrise Kingdom': Wes Anderson's animated take on the film's imaginary books -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


as promised here is the link to short film we help put together for the release of Moonrise Kingdom.

The film has been released today on Inside Movies online on Entertainment Weekly. 

I'm going to post some work in progress stills from the production of this project soon but in the meantime just enjoy the work of 5 talented animators (Giulia Barbera, Filippo Cigognini, Christian Kuntz, Jon Kristinsson, Klaus Gjoerup) who worked non stop for the meagre 2 weeks we had to pull off this short.

It was a pleasure putting together and supervising this team who tirelessly worked and reworked animation based on the illustrations given to us as design and style choices.

I hope you enjoy the product of these efforts.



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